2005 DPRG
  • VEX Robotics Kit Version 1
  • Two Sonars, Line Sensor, Bump Switches and Encoders
  • Can grabbing mechanism
DescriptionPrincipal Data

One of the first original VEX kits from Radio Shack. The robot was designed for the DPRG tabletop competition. The robot was successful in performing line following, t-time, wall following and can pickup.
length 12 inches
height 10 inches
width 12 inches
mass 5 lbs
speed 6 inch/sec


Processor PIC 18F8552, VEX style

Sensors SRF04 Sonars, Vex Encoders, Vex Line Sensors, Vex Bump Switch

Software C code/libraries written for obstacle avoidance and detection (used MPLAB IDE)

Power7.2 NiMH battery

Drive Type VEX Continuous Rotation Servos

Body VEX Metal chassis


Richard McClellan Andrew Lynch Vishal Parikh David Yanoshak Aaron Jones