Undertaker & Overtaker
  • 4 Motor 1:1 (no gears) All Omni Tank Drive
  • 6 Cube for Undertaker
  • Closed Loop Encoder Positioning
  • Closed Loop Potentiometer Arm Positioning
DescriptionPrincipal Data

Robot stacks 3" foam cubes on triangle goals. During autonomous the robot scores 2 cubes and collects cubes from the ground and attempts to score on other goals. Team won the VEX College Finalist & Think awards at the World Championship.
length 18in
height 18in
width 18in
speed 1.5 ft/sec


Processor PIC 18F___ AKA - VEX Robot Controller

Sensors VEX Quadrature Encoders for Distance Tracking
VEX Poteniometer for Arm Positioning
VEX Limit Switch for testing modes
Software RobotC programming

Power VEX 7.2V NiCAD Battery

Drive Type Four Vex Motors geared 1:1 by chain/sprocket with 4" VEX omni-wheels.
Tank Drive

Body The arm uses latex tubing to assist two vex motors to lift the arm.

Undertaker & Overtaker Detailed Pictures

Rice University Students
Andrew Lynch, Fakhreddine Landosi, Chris Lam, Cynthia Sung, Dane Powell, Johanan Hsu, Monika Sun, Vic Chinwei Hu